China’s first all-girl ‘boy band’ challenges ideal of femininity

China’s first all-female ‘boy band’ is challenging traditional ideas about gender roles, and proving a big hit along the way. Graham Mackay reports.
Baseball caps, short dyed hair, and a lot of energy.

To the untrained eye, you might take A-crush for a typical twenty-somethings boy-band.

But you’d be wrong…

They’re actually China’s first all-girl group styled to look like handsome young guys.

And they’ve got hundreds of thousands of fans.

It’s a bold move away from the traditional picture of women in Chinese pop culture.

Blurring the previously clear-cut line between girl bands and boy bands in China, A-crush represents a step towards a more accepting view of how females can present themselves.

And while the older generation may not quite get it, it’s going down well with millenials.

Even before their first single was released last week, the group had around 750,000 followers on Chinese social media.

Many keen to know more about which way the girls lean sexually.

Despite questions about their orientation setting the Chinese web ablaze, the details remain a closely guarded secret.

All band members are under contract – barred from revealing their preferences, or even having any type of romantic relationship.

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